Saturday, February 14, 2009


"When I know you wrong I say 'you right'. And when I wanna say 'no' I say 'I might'."
Fabolous, Uh Ooh (remix) by Lumidee

Yeah, sooooo... that's just confusing and people will probably eventually stop hanging out with you if you continue to do that.

It's just kind of a bad idea all around. For instance, if Fabolous didn't want a hamburger and you said, "Fabolous, would you like a hamburger?" He would say, "I might." Then you'd ask him later like, "Hey, Fabolous. How 'bout that burger now?" And then again he'd just say, "Yeah, I might want one." This would just continue until one of two things happened. Either a) you'd get frustrated with Fabolous and think he's a complete asshole or, b) he would finally actually want the burger because enough time passed. Instead of saying "I might" when you mean "no", you should just say "no". End of story.

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  1. HAHAHA! Thanks, I just spit crystal light. Seriously.

  2. So if I say something offensive about slavery, he'll say I'm right?

    Hey Fabolous, wanna have gay sex? You MIGHT, you say?

  3. LMAO. You just made my eyes watery from all this laughing. GOOD ONE!!!

  4. This? This wa funny enough for everbody to lose control of the fluids in their mouths? Really?? You guys realy need to re-evaluate everything youve ever cosigned on. Everything, and then decide if its worth it to continue breathing

  5. This is the dumbest shit boingboing has ever linked to. I'm done; I gave you fifty chances. You guys are just horribly unfunny.

  6. The comments killed the tiny trace of funnyness (cooler word than humour) from this lyric.

    Y'all use too many words to explain the obvious.