Saturday, February 14, 2009


"Bang your head until you start to break your neck."
- Busta Rhymes, Break Ya Neck

No thanks. Even if I'm dancing, this just seems like a bad idea. I also don't know how to get it to the point until I start to break my neck. The whole concept just seems too risky.

Filed under: Horrendous instructions


  1. There really is no turning back once you 'start' to break your neck, right? Macho, this blog is ridiculously entertaining. Look forward to more. shalom

  2. shut the fuck up you stupid ignorant white person. yeah i said it, stupid white person. i know for damn sure that all of you writing these stupid comments do not listen to hip hop on a regular basis. grant it, some of the things rappers say are stupid, but there are a lot of hidden messages/slang terms that are used in these songs. obviously, things white people take literal. can you understand that rap is all about analogies?!? probably not since a majority of white people/honkies listen to country music or rock (which by the way can't even be understood) through all the yelling. so fuck off dumb white people. none of you clearly understand rap. that's why its so easy to make fun of you white pieces of shit.

  3. Wow. That's so funny. It's "granted"... not "grant it".

    And not only do I listen to hip hop on a regular basis, it's all I listen to.

    Oh, and what's the hidden message in this lyric... "Gimme dat pussy"?

    You are not smart.

    And nice anonymous post, pussy.

    See ya.

    Chris D'Elia

  4. ewwwww - yuck... white poop? maybe like guano? isn't guano a valuable commodity in some regions? so was that more of a compliment then... lol

    maybe the secret message in "gimme dat pussy" is that the person actually wants one, as in sex change operation. I dunno, these are just guesses, just trying to be helpful.

  5. Once more the stupidity of the comments eclipses the humour of the lyric.

    Wow. This site is turning me into a troll. :/

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