Friday, February 6, 2009


"Keep it so real the word 'fake' tries to hate, and jumps out of the dictionary like, 'you gonna get beat up'."
- Chamillionaire, Money Already Made

That's pretty real. Now I'm going to go look up the word "what".


  1. Man, if the word fake is that badass, I'd hate to see the word malevolent get pissed off.

  2. Chamillionaire is soooooooo wack. Seriously. Just WACK for no reason. He's a fucking dweeb.

  3. Question: Is his name pronounced "Shamillionaire" or "Kamillionaire"? Because I like to think it's the former. Reminds me of Sham-Wow and Vince with his headset. Maybe they could team up to do a Sham-Wow commercial together?

    "This is Chamillionaire, puttin' the Sham in your Wow!"