Thursday, February 26, 2009


"It ain't my fault your girl be ho hoppin'. And matter fact, the last time you gave her loot to go shoppin', honey picked me up some dope shirts. It's because of me why she's walkin' crooked and her throat hurts."
- Big L, Who You Slidin' Wit'


I mean, this is the rudest most disrespectful thing ever. Even more than LL in #5.


  1. She should buy some strepsils with that 'loot' to soothe her sore throat.

  2. It's a little known fact that "Hoe Hopping" was a popular line dance with settlers in the midwest in the mid-1800's.

  3. I don't think you have a grasp of rap culture if what you have to say is that Big L is a dick.

  4. its rude if your gay.

  5. how would this even come up in conversation?

  6. @Becca:
    It wouldn't. Unless you were telling some random dude it's not your fault you had sex with his girlfriend. Which is basically what he's saying.

  7. Of all Big L lyrics, you chose this? How about the entirety of the song Danger Zone?

    "Every minute, my style switches up, they said a real man
    Wont hit a girl well I aint real cause I beat bitches up
    I use words thats ill, l got nerves of steel
    Im cool, but every now and then I get a urge to kill
    Im takin lives for a great price, Im the type
    To snap in heaven with a mac-11 and rape christ"

    I mean.. Damn.

    PS: I love Big L, one of the dopest of all time.. R.I.P.

  8. Big L is AWESOME.

    One of the best.

    See ya.


  10. This shit comes up in conversation all the time:
    Gerald: Ayo Big L, why can't Shanaynay pick what gardening tool she wants to buy here at the Home the way, did you get those shirts I had her pick up for you? You guys really should have come back from ice skating sooner last night, it was way too cold and now she feels sore and sick.
    Big L: (above lyrics)

  11. once again, more lyrics that shouldnt be up. i mean anyone that has listened to big L knows that this is what he talks about. he says these punchlines to make us all laugh.

    for instance:
    "i wouldnt give a bitch 10 cent to put cheese on a whopper"
    "fuck around and find my silk boxers in your mother's hamper"

    his stuff is good, funny, and makes him who he was; a punchline artist.

  12. Huh. Big L seems like a waste of oxygen. Oh wait, he's dead. All the better.

  13. haha, that rhyme is just awesome

  14. At first I came to this website and I figured it was about wack/corny lyrics. Some of the lyrics I recognized though were out of context and were nitpicked at for the dumbest reasons.

    This one because it's rude? This website is lame.

  15. they should use the line "i been fuckin chicks in the ass since i been six and a half" Big L

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