Thursday, February 26, 2009


"I'm sick: you couldn't measure my dick with six rulers."
- Big Pun, Still Not A Player

You're right, you couldn't. Because you'd be holding five rulers more than you would need to be holding.
Filed under: Wouldn't even be a good thing


  1. Man, I used to think this line was cool.

    But if you say so, I guess it's wack.

  2. As it happens, most people can't measure their dick with six rulers. At the very least, it's not necessary.

  3. LOL, I remember talking shit about this line on the junior high bus. Me and me girl were like, "Well, he needs one that long for it to even escape through all that fat."

  4. I always hated this fucking line.
    What a dick, it's like arguing with a 7 year old.
    6 rulers?!!!
    I bet we couldn't measure your dick with half of one ruler because your dick looks like a pigs nose in a nest of hair. God bless the dead.the extremely fat dead.

  5. what disease makes you THAT sick? and is it contagious?

  6. all of you guys are just hating. seriously. whoever is in charge of this website needs to get their shit organized. there is sooo much bad hip-hop out right now playing on the radio. why must you continue to hate on good lines by the greater lyricists of hip-hop. and if you must, just get the bad ones. not this one, it's fucking good. it's fucking funny. him, bigL and the rest of the DITC just had this style of creating punchlines in good fun. do your research homie.

  7. No, Raul. You fail. Die.

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