Friday, February 27, 2009


"Bitch niggas STILL wanna check my urine."
- Ice Cube, Child Support

Okay, well if by "bitch niggas" you mean doctors, I guess I understand.

But if you mean like, anybody else... then I do not know where you are hanging out and who you are meeting but you should probably not associate with these people anymore. And the fact that they are STILL doing this implies that it's been happening for a while now. So hurry.

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  1. from gettin' his "urine checked by niggas" to "are we done yet" ... Ice is a true contradticttion wrapped in an enigma crammed full of $100 bills, yall.

  2. bitch niggas = P.O.
    That's ok, I wouldn't expect most Jewish writers to know this.

  3. look at the track title dumbass. this is obviously related to the courts, his child support case and his drug use.

    i'm not going to do the math for you. some of your shit is funny, some of it is dumber than chino-XL.

  4. Hey Anonymous,
    Neither one of us are Jewish. Nice try, though.

  5. @southcoaster: yup...

  6. @Anonymous #2 - say more than "yup" next time, you're a waste of space and no one cares if you simply agree with someone.

  7. After reading the entire archives, this is the only entry that struck me as unfunny and unnecessary: the title of the track really does explain the quote. There's so much funny stuff legitimately out there that it doesn't seem worth it to deliberately misinterpret quotes.

    Man, though. This site is friggin' genius. I was literally (LITERALLY!) rotflmao as I read through it all last night. (It helps that I started on the floor, but still.)

  8. literally (LITERALLY!) doesn't know EnglishNovember 16, 2009 at 8:02 PM

    Hey That Kind of Girl: You can't literally roll on the floor laughing your ass off. Your ass will not laugh off. Better people have tried.