Sunday, March 1, 2009


"I'll aim it at the pope if he claimin' he sellin' the most dope."
- Chino XL, What You Got

The pope won't do that. And also you won't be able to pull that off because of all of his security.

Filed under: Going to Hell

I should also say this... I know Chino XL to have some pretty silly lyrics. So I put in the only CD I have of his (yes, I do actually have it and haven't took a listen in a while). This line came on just 36 seconds into the FIRST song on the album. Impressive.


  1. You haven't took a listen? Are you sure it wouldn't have been more comfortable for you to have taken a listen? Damn... for someone constantly clowning rappers for shitty grammar, you're grammar isn't all that great!

  2. you're grammar isn't all that great!

    Oh, the things we do when we act too fast.

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