Wednesday, March 4, 2009


"Homey, I'm the President, Governor, and Mayor."
- Mims, Move (If You Wanna)

No, you're not... this is physically impossible. One more thing: this song is called Move (If You Wanna). Make up your mind if you're going to be a dick or if you're going to be polite.

Filed under: too many jobs/passive-aggressive


  1. According to the laws of federalism, one CAN hold offices in local (mayor), state (governor), and federal (president) positions. Nevertheless, MIMS is an asshole.

  2. Damn, and I thought this was a clue as to who the hell Mims is. Now I'm back to square one.

  3. I find it odd that he list the positions in descending levels of power. Wouldn't it be more gangsta for him to work his way up?

  4. i have nothing witty to say. a friend of mine produced this song so........


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