Thursday, March 5, 2009


"Ya diamond forecast is partly cloudy."
- Fabolous, Automatic by E-40

This is nothing.

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  1. This line actually makes perfect sense:

  2. While I realize that clarity is an important characteristic of diamonds, you still can't have a diamond forecast. Either your shit is cloudy or it isn't.

  3. Refers to diamond clarity. Might also be a clever way of saying the person is unsure of their funds/ not ballin' enough to buy diamonds like Fab is. Smarten up sNAckS and shit

  4. This is actually very clever, making reference to diamond clarity AND clouds on your financial horizon because of less rapping skills than Fabolous, all in one short ambiguous sentence. He's a poet, a poet for our times.

  5. oh, please. are you really that stupid, Pete?? My lord.

  6. pete shows that the 'clever' bar is pretty low these days.

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  8. who is Fabolous' target audience? do they all have diamonds? and if so, why would he chose to belittle the quality of those diamonds? ALIENATING THE CUSTOMER, MUCH?

    rappers shouldn't rap in 2nd person.

  9. Argh! my eyes!!! Curse you Fabolous! You were right!!!

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