Friday, March 6, 2009


"I'm like all races combined in one man."
- Nas, Nas Is Like

This is wholly untrue.

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  1. But it's a simile. o_O

  2. this line actually makes me angry... i was happily going about this blog chuckling, laughing, giggling, etc and then i was like dammit nas.

  3. IT IS A DAMN SIMILE, YOU MORONS. LIKE NOT AM...learn some English.

  4. Does the rest of the song explain how he is like each race?
    I can see this song turning very racist very fast....

    'I get good grades, thats why Im LIKE an asian'
    'I like to golf and hate driving through Compton, thats why im LIKE a white person'
    'Since I live in California, I often slip into Spanglish, thats why im like a Mexican."

  5. Nas should not be on this site, hes one of the best lyricists who ever lived.
    everything he says makes sense if you understand.

  6. this quote is incomplete. the full quote is 'im like all races combined into one man like the 99 summer jam.' i assume 99 was a clown convention and Nas was in full makeup.

  7. Again, I think you're trying too hard here. It's really not that bad a line. There is "flying off into NASA" or the really gay-sounding lines, but this one is not that absurd. An outlandish claim maybe, but not absurd. Isn't he's saying that he's a man for all people or something?

  8. He's saying that there were alot of different races at the 99' Summerjam.
    (hence all races)
    'I'm like all races combined in one man, like the 99' Summerjam.'
    they just chopped the sentence in half.

  9. Nas actually isn't lying about that, especially if you look at genetics.