Sunday, March 8, 2009

"I'm so fly, I'm on Star Trek."

- Pooh Baby, Cell Phone Watch by Lil Scrappy

Here's an example of an analogy that isn't true, or effective because of how much it doesn't make sense.

Other examples that I have made up that are equally as bad.
1) I'm so nice, I'm practically a barracuda.
2) I get more money than a floor.
3) I'm so rich it's like I'm covered in strawberries.


  1. 2 & 3 are HILARIOUS. More literal LOL.

  2. strawberries!!!!! hahahaahahahahahahahahahh

  3. Nah, I gotta disagree - this is a solid pun, up there with Kanye's "How could you be so 'Dr. Evil'?"

  4. star trek sucks. which means he isn't fly at all.

  5. Also, I'm pretty sure Pooh Baby is not on Star Trek. Unless he was that one Klingon with some fake-ass diamonds around his neck.

  6. But being on Star Trek is hella fly. Props to Pooh Baby for at least having good taste in TV shows.

  7. I'm so fly, Jeff Goldblum watches me poop