Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"Waitin' on the rizzle the dizzle and the shizzle."
- Snoop Dogg, Drop It Like It's Hot

There are nine words in this sentence. And three of them well... aren't words. So I guess there are just six words.

Needless to say, Snoop is going to be waiting for a while...

"Hey where's Snoop?"
"Oh, he's waiting on the rizzle, the dizzle, and the shizzle."
"Hey, I'm never hanging out with you again."

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  1. Ummm was wondering when you guys were gonna rash on rizzle dizzle shizzle thizzle mizzle crizzle mizzle.

  2. These are the kinds of lyrics that are cited in arguments that rap is not music.

  3. I have an outbreak on my rizzle and my dizzle and my shizzle

  4. If pot dealers had waiting rooms, this would be basically a random conversation from one:

    "How long you been waiting here, man?"

    "'Bout 10 minutes, I'm waitin on the rizzle, the dizzle and the shizzle ... dude can't find the dizzle though."

  5. "Colonel Snoop, we're taking heavy mortar fire from several insurgent positions, orders?
    "Call in some rizzle, move your troops up through that heavy shizzle and avoid taking any dizzle"
    ".....Fuck this I'm deserting."