Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"Straight smack a nigga in his face like this was handball."
- Busta Rhymes, The Monument by Wu Tang Clan

This just simply isn't a part of handball. This analogy is even worse than the Star Trek one in #146.

Here are some more examples of analogies that don't work...
1) I eat so much, that people call me "Guy Who Never Eats".
2) People like me more than someone who always annoys the shit out of you by poking your eyes.
3) I'm hotter than the number seven.

Filed under: Worst analogy ever


  1. Busta Rhymes' analogy works because have you seen the way handball players smack? Your examples #1 and #3 actually work as analogies. I mean, #1, that's called sarcasm. It's like calling a guy Stretch who's 4'10". So I would like that as a rap analogy. It's very funny to me. #3 works because the number 7 is God and God is hot.

  2. Handball players never smack each other in the face ever.

    Oh, and there are also so many other wrong parts about your comment.

    See ya.

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