Friday, March 13, 2009


"I got the best pussy out."
- Trina, Killing You Hoes

Uh, it's a pussy, not an mp3 player.

Filed under: It's a pussy


  1. Female rappers have a hard time, because rap is almost always about boasting, and that's a dude thing. Bragging about a dick is not the same thing as bragging about a pussy.

    I think, possibly the Lady Of Rage was the best female boaster of all time:

    "let me loosen up my bra strap / hit yall with my raw rap" (or something like that).

    "Bra strap", used in a rap.

  2. my cousin got her whole album offa itunes just to look at that picture.

  3. LOL @ "not an mp3 player." New improved next generation pussy, without all the bugs of the older model!

  4. Maybe she meant she was taking it out of the box...

  5. I....I am at loss for words....

  6. you just havnt had good pussy.. ever.. obviously...

  7. Mp3 player slayed me.

    Female rapper direction reminds me I gotta dig up some BWP to send you boys...

  8. "out" as opposed to the pussies that are..... "in"?

  9. No, no, no, Trina! You know that judgement calls like that are better left to the Pussy Judging Committee!

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