Saturday, March 14, 2009


"My chickens be mind-blowin'."
- Cassidy, Take It

I have scoured the internet for a phrase that makes less sense according to the English language. I haven't found one yet.

Then again I've only been checking for a little over an hour.

I mean, "My chickens be mind-blowin'"... That's like what the farmer says when he's on methamphetamines.

Farmer 1: How's business?
Farmer 2: Couldn't be better.
Farmer 1: Great!
Farmer 2: Yeah, 'cause ya know, my chickens be mind-blowin'.
Farmer 1: ...I hate you.

Filed under: Farmer on methamphetamines


  1. Going to have to call you on this: chickens = women? That's an tried and true reference.

  2. I have to call you on this, too. So, what's your number? ha.

    So, dude has a site dedicated to satirizing rap lyrics. Chances are he knows what "chickens" refers to in this context. FAIL.

  3. chickens is slag for girls... jeez your killin me guy


  4. And slag means nothing, guy.

    Neither does slangggg.

    See ya.

  5. from what i can glean from the greater webnetz, 'chickens' refers to kilograms of cocaine in rap circles.

    it's still fucking ridiculous, though.

  6. Im so suburban and caucasian that i didn't understand the chickens/girl reference at all. Makes more sense now.

  7. yeah he's talking about cocaine not girls.

  8. 1st off no one uses the word glean... and second when he says chickens he means girls are you dumb or just stupid

  9. "are you dumb or just stupid"

    Hahaha, aahha.
    Can we get another option, please? Like maybe, "Are you dumb, or just stupid, or an idiot?"

    1. can we also get a third word that rhymes with heinous and anus please?

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