Sunday, March 15, 2009


"If Magic Johnson can admit he got AIDS, fuck it, I got herpes."
- The Pharcyde, Soul Flower

Uh, this is NOT a competition. It's not like the upside of having AIDS is that you get to tell people you have it, so you shouldn't go around airing out your herpes.

Filed under: Not our business/worst competition ever


  1. file under twoo goddamn much fucking information.

  2. i don't plan on sleeping with you, you didn't have to tell me that. ahem.

  3. Also Magic just has HIV not full blown aids. So maybe he admitted more than he should have.

  4. To be fair, this particular line of the song is being performed by "the farmer man", a character constructed by the pharcyde in the attempt to portray a whack MC.

    And I believe his honesty is inspired out of commiseration with Magic, not a sense of competition.

  5. in response to the last little paragraph of the above comment: oh...then that makes it all better.

  6. pharcyde has no place on this site...
    you need to stick with gucci man and other shit rappers

  7. awww man, I love this line - always kinda made me wish I had herpes, too!

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