Tuesday, March 17, 2009


"When it come to hoes, we don't love not one."
- Shyne, Get Out

This sentence is terrible. (This literally could mean that you love all hoes.)

Filed under: Trying to be hard but is actually so romantic


  1. HAHAHAHAhahaha ... but is actually so romantic...

  2. lmaoooooooooooo

  3. don't give me no more double negatives...

  4. not to nitpick, but I think "we don't love not one" means they only love one? What?! Wow, imagine all those poor prostitutes across the world who get no love. Must be great to be that one prostitute who does.

    It either means that, or, if 'not one' means... all of the hoes ever... then he doesn't love any hoes?


    Why would Shyne say something that is grammatically so awful, that it's so ambiguous, but all of the possible ways it can be interpreted make NO SENSE. Rap music is great for this reason.