Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"To make a long story short, I'm half man, half amazing."
- Afu-Ra, Rumble

Not only is this not a story... you can still be a whole man even if you are half amazing because 'amazing' isn't a gender or species.

Oh, also you can't call yourself amazing. That's someone else's job.

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  1. What about Li'l Wayne on Kanye's new album? "Yo I'm amazing - yeah, I'm all that."

  2. Um, that's jeezy, not lil wayne.

  3. I thought NAS was "half man, half amazing".
    oh wait, I think I see the difference.

    Afu-Ra is "half man, half amazing".
    Nas is "LIKE half man, half amazing".

    clearly there's a difference

  4. I thought these were hilarious when I first signed up, but it seems like lately you're just making fun of legitimate lyrics.

    Should all lyrics be:

    I am a human being.
    I am a rapper.
    I am going to the grocery store today.
    As a matter of fact, er...

  5. No they should not be that way. Obviously.

    In fact, go look at #44.

    See ya.

  6. half shark alligator half man - dr. octogon/ kool keith

  7. Nathan is half hater, half transvestite. All dumbass.

  8. This one wasn't worth posting because he isn't saying he is half of a man. He is saying he is made up of equal parts man and amazing. As in he is a whole man and also amazing.

    Whose job it is to say what's amazing isn't decided by the poster. Ha, "That's someone else's job."

    You're really just nitpicking.

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