Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"Gimme dat PUSSY."
- Lil Webbie, Gimme Dat Pussy by Lil Boosie

This is very selfish and controlling.

Side Note: There is a way to scientifically prove 'Lil Webbie' is the worst rap name of all time.


  1. Filed Under: Worst Rapist Ever

  2. anonymous is right, you guys really ARE shitty writers.

    The dude has a song called "gimme dat pussy", and the best "joke" you've got is faux feminist outrage?

    That one line is funnier than this whole blog.

    C'mon, the guy is handing you jokes on a silver platter with this one.

    Go nuts. Be funny or something.

  3. Sometimes it's funny to respect the line and let it speak for itself.

    Going overboard on the commentary is good but too much gets repetitive and stale.

    When someone hands you a joke on a silver platter it means it's already funny.

    If you'd like for me to explain why things are funny I won't. Because that's less funny.

    PS. How many standing ovations have you gotten for being funny?

    I promise I've gotten more.

    Oh, and also what makes this post even funnier is the next one we're posting. So before you continue to bring up bad ideas prematurely, sit tight. And just keep checking back and hating (secretly liking) our blog.

    Filed under: Bad advice

    See ya.

  4. If this were a rap battle, this is the part where everyone would go "ooooooh" and subsequently inform the anonymous one that his style was indeed classless and/or whack.

  5. Wow. Anonymous got pwned.

  6. Aaah man I so got owned with your syntactic skillz.

    Ok ... I should have said "funnier than this whole blog SO FAR"

    ow, I'm so burned.
    where's the copper-tone?

  7. No you got owned because of all the other stuff I said.

    Not just because of my syntactic skills.

    See ya.

  8. Coppertone prevents burns. It doesn't soothe them. And it definitely doesn't cure stupidity.

  9. OHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh.......


  10. LOL at everything above.

    And I have always said that this is a straight rape song - Shit actually has a lyric that goes: "You know you want it girl/Don't act like you don't want it girl/You want it just as bad as I do." That is pretty much the textbook definition of rapist behavior. The fact that this song was actually a hit hurts my heart.

  11. and here i was reading the comments hoping to find that scientific proof...

  12. Side note: I saw that shirt material on clearance at Joann Fabrics, I think it's the drapes from my grandma's house.

  13. This blog is hilarious. People really make me laugh with all the negativity. If you don't like this blog -- don't fucking visit the site.

    To the writers: you all are witty, innovative, and downright hilarious. Keep it coming.

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