Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"Gimme dat BIBLE."
- The Ambassador, Gimme Dat

Yes. For real. This is a Christian hip-hop song. Thought it was fitting after #186. Dunno which one is funnier.

Filed under: It's weird to make a song that goes "Gimme dat bible", after a song that came out that goes "Gimme dat pussy" in it.


  1. if you're talking about a bible, shouldn't you be... nicer?

  2. For truely funny christian hip-hop you need look no further than the "Gospel Gangstaz" (no I'm not making that up, google it).

    And I quote:

    "I bible whip 'em"
    "my bible remains a concealed weapon"

    major lolz to be had

  3. maybe he is holding up a christian science reading room... 'gimme dat bible! and those rosaries! and all the money in the register!'

  4. True story: my cousin once sang on what she called "Jesus Rap" song. From what I could tell, the rapper was thanking God for everything in his life. No insisting that someone hand him a Bible, though.

  5. In his defense, "gimmie dat" is a slang phrase for "Give me that" :) or "Hand me that".

    In any case, when this phrase is used in the hip-hop/urban culture there is no need to put the term "please" in front of it in order for it to sound nice because it is not originally a negative phrase. The way it is perceived comes from the tone of voice that the phrase is delivered in.

    FYI: It is sooo not fitting for this to follow #186...that my fellow bloggers was done in bad taste.

  6. Agreed. Actually not funny.

    Filed under: I just don't like Christians.

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