Saturday, March 21, 2009


"So fly that my nickname should be 'Up Here'."
- Chamillionaire, The Ultimate Victory

I actually thought about making fun of the name Up Here...

... but anything is better than Chamillionaire.

Filed under: Worst nickname ever


  1. the only dickname worst than Chamillionaire is the Stallionaires.

  2. why is this name bad?
    Chamillion- blends in to any flow, can get on anything

    millionaire- he actually is a millionaire (13Mill)

    not your best post...........

  3. jakid, before you post a comment, please use spell check. Chameleon, not chamillion. You should also try and think about what you're saying. Blending into any flow makes a rapper seem like an artist who just paints inside the lines. They don't desire to stand out. And chameleons can't get on anything. I've only seen them on branches.

    not your best comment... (and more than three dots is not necessary)

  4. alright, time for a tear up. This was a TERRIBLE CHOICE. once again you guys are amazing at taking lyrics out of context. This lyric is actually from a verse of straight FIRE that Chamillionaire laid out, read and weep bitches:

    "My purpose really used to be so UNCLEAR/
    Science Fiction with the swagger, its so UNREAL/
    So fly that my nick name should be 'Up Here'/
    Lookin up is the only when I APPEAR/"

    -The Ultimate Victory

  5. "Lookin up is the only when I APPEAR" isn't a sentence.
    You hater bitches should really lighten up and learn to laugh.

  6. You don't understand. I love Chamillionaire. He's dope.

    Oh, and that wasn't a tear up.

    See ya.

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