Monday, March 23, 2009


"You shitted on these niggas two times, Dr. Dre?"
- Snoop Dogg, Bitch Please II by Eminen

Here is an example of a question that never should be asked to anyone in the world ever.

And TWICE?!?! These people didn't obviously learn their lesson. How could this even happen more than once?
Fool me once, shame on you...

Moral of The Story: Snoop and Dre should stop hanging out.


  1. You know what would be ill? A sequel to that Bitch Please joint. Call that joint Bitch Please II. And talk about shitting on people.

  2. Also "shitted" isn't the past tense of "shit".

  3. yo what is that cup he's holding. some asshole in makeup forgot to put on the other G.

  4. how frequently must one be shat upon before the decision is made to find better company?

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