Monday, March 23, 2009


"I move chickens, I move chickens shorty. I move chickens, I move chickens shorty. I move chickens, I move chickens."
- Gucci Mane, I Move Chickens

No matter what you say, I know you're not moving chickens. As in, actually moving chickens from one place to the next.

Filed under: No way he's moving chickens/lost his mind


  1. lmaoooo wat the hell is "moving chickens" supposed to correlate to???

  2. It's pretty easy to move chickens, or make them move. All you really have to do is run up on them screaming, and they sort of fly from here to there.

    But why would you do that?

  3. Finally a Gucci lyric. Took long enough.

  4. Why did the chicken cross the Gucci Mane?

  5. I think he might be misinterpreting 'ad naseum' - it means 'until you're sick of it', not 'until you think something inane sounds witty.'

  6. $100 says he eats more chicken than he moves.

  7. why even bother with Gucci Mane... he had me @ "singles" (pronounced "Sing-Os" if you let HIM tell it).

  8. Moving chickens = moving birds = selling birds = selling kilos of cocaine..
    gucci raps about selling coke in almost every song he has recorded, its not that hard to figure out.. u people should try it'd prob clear up a lot of your issues with rappers lyrics your too stupid to understand...

  9. You're an idiot. We understand what it means. We just think it sounds funny if you take it literally.

    But that's obvious to people above 11 years old.

    Therefor you are an enormous idiot.

    Chris D'Elia.
    P.S. Stop hiding behind anonymous comments.

  10. gucci raps about selling coke in almost every song he has recorded,

    So what you're saying is that it's not stupid but boring.


  11. Apparently, he moves chickens.

  12. Perhaps he moves chickens stuffed with cocaine? I feel sorry for the chickens.

  13. Gucci is the best rapper in the game you guys dont know anything when it come to good music

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