Monday, March 23, 2009


"Slob on my knob like corn on the cob. Check in with me, and do your job."
- Juicy J, Slob On My Knob by Three 6 Mafia

Employee: Hi, boss, I just got here... Checking in.
Boss: Oh good, you're here. Let's just get back to work on what we had you doing last week... slobbing on my knob. And if you get stuck, just remember: think corn on the cob.


Filed under: Disgusting/"Slob" isn't a verb


  1. LMAO.....wait...slob isn't a verb?

  2. My favorite part is:

    First find a mate
    Second find a place
    Third find a bag,
    to hide the whole face

    I'd post the following lines, but the previous is enough to know he's not a ladies man. Why would you rap about that? I do love this song though.

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  5. actually slob, although a slang term, would be considered a verb.

  6. Also, there is biting involved with corn on the cob.

  7. And, just sayin', but Juicy's grill/smile kinda looks like he's in the Special Rapalympics.

  8. this was the funniest entry ever

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