Wednesday, March 25, 2009


"Don't call me Flip no motherfuckin' more... Call me Flipperachi."
- Lil Flip, What It Do

No, thanks. Flip was bad enough. Flipperachi is fucking ridiculous, not to mention kinda gay because it's pretty much your version of Liberace.

Filed under: Asking too much


  1. Also, Liberace played mad piano. This guy... obviously not even in the same calliber

  2. This, combined with his affinity for the Houston Comets, raises serious questions about Flip. Also, according to The Way We Ball, the VP of Jive made Flip horny. I checked, and the VP of Jive is a guy.

    Which is another way of saying, listen to more rap, be funnier, step up your game.

  3. That's a laugh if you actually just wrote that to me.

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