Monday, March 30, 2009


"Gonna leave that hoe with no dough and plenty of back pain."
- DMX, It's All Good

Girl #1: Hey girl, don't ever go out with DMX.
Girl #2: Why not? Is he your boyfriend?
Girl #1: No... because I started out before the date with one-hundred-ten dollars and no back pain.
Girl #2: ... And after?
Girl #1: No money... and plenty of back pain. Needless to say... it sucked.

Filed under: Bad with women


  1. it sounds like he's going to make her do some yard work and then not pay her. what a jerk.

  2. I means he's going to get the money from her, and leave after he has sex with her. Or have sex with her and not give her a dime. Come on now that one isn't too hard to figure out.

  3. Oh really? That's what that means? Thank god you told me because I had no idea.

    P.S. No shit asshole.

    See ya.

  4. One would think that the very nature of this site would warrant sarcasm and a dry sense of humor in all its followers, so that second comment just deserves a big ole' smack on the back of his/her Anonymous head. Better yet, let's give DMX a call for that one...

  5. Hahaha. Chris, you're hilarious!

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