Tuesday, August 11, 2009


"Rappers I monkey flip em."
- Nas, NY State of Mind Pt. II

Uhhh... what?

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  1. The monkey flip, often referred to as a Monkey climb in British wrestling, involves an attacking wrestler, who is standing face-to-face with an opponent, hooking both hands around the opponent's head before then bringing up both legs so that they place their feet on the hips/waist of the opponent; making the head hold and the wrestlers' sense of balance are the only things allowing both wrestler to be in an upright position. At this point, the attacking wrestler would shift their weight so that they fall backwards to the mat while forcing the opponent to fall forwards with them only to have the attacking wrestler push up with their legs forcing the opponent to flip forwards, over the wrestler's head, onto their back. This move is most commonly performed out of a ring corner. This is due to it being easier to climb onto an opponent while in the corner as balance is easily retained, and it allows the maximum length of ring to propel the opponent across.

  2. They are getting killed with these Nas posts. They can't seem to find one that doesn't actually make sense. My suggestion: just search for some OJ Da Juiceman lyrics, I'm sure he's much more quotable.

  3. Awesome tune tho..

    This Blog is fucking hilarious..

  4. Why even bother finding stupid Nas rhymes?
    There are NONE

  5. This is the first line from NY State of Mind
    Not Part II.

  6. ^they had a line from part 2 before but in the comments I told them how they were completely wrong and they changed it to this instead...which is equally bad.

  7. Just stick to Lil Wayne, please?

    Not one of the best poets alive.
    Thanks (:

  8. All the Nas fanboys need to relax. You have all been doing a pretty good job at making fools out of yourselves. Nas is a good rapper, but defending him as if he's some untouchable God of Rap Music is completely asinine.

  9. Nas isn't an untouchable God of Rap music. If you want to get theological, though, Illmatic is probably the hip-hop equivalent of the Burning Bush; something to marvel at and revere. And if you don't quote it deferentially, prepare to get your insides ripped apart. The real money's in Nastradamus.

  10. Sorry guys, but you got schooled in the comments here.

    Also, what's with all the falling back on "Huh huh, you're gay/bi!". It's just lazy.

  11. If Nas isn't an untouchable God of Rap, then who is?

  12. hey chris macho, you're an idiot

  13. tone of bad nas quote... watch belly

  14. I live in Florida. That means the movie 2012 is going to be absolutely awful in New York first.

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