Thursday, April 2, 2009


"Not no bitch, and say I still ain't a ho."
- Z-Ro, Mo City Don

You can't all of a sudden become a ho. It's kind of just weird that you are reinforcing the fact that you are a male.

I bet Z-Ro is the type of guy at dinner that makes a point to eat all of his food and all the stuff left over on everyone else's plate and then talks about how he can eat so much and how once he ate 6 burgers in one sitting.

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  1. By the have the shittiest tattoos in in the history of shitty tattoos.

    1. Say's the faggot still livin at mommas obsessin over other's. Fuckin hampster ass nigga

  2. That quote made me question my literacy.

  3. why the aggressive 'f*ck you' in the photo mr. ro?

  4. You can't all of a sudden become a ho.

    Oh, my friend, that's where you're wrong. Just ask Steve Albini, some of your friends are already this fucked.