Monday, April 6, 2009


"I keep bitches straight up like, 'Simon says open vagina'."
- Cam'Ron, Down and Out

Girl on a blind date with Cam'Ron: "So, have you been in any other relationships?"
Cam'Ron: "Well, in the past I've just kept my bitches straight up like 'Simon says open vagina' and it's pretty much worked out, so... I don't know. You tell me."

Girl throws wine in Cam'Ron's face. Then, after a minute...

Maître D': "Sir, please get out."


  1. I don't know...A purple russian hat...that right there makes girls vaginas the simon says is just repetitive.

    my simon says just says "red blue green red red blue blue red green green....

  2. Simon Says Camron has herpes simplex 2 and the clap. Simon says Chris Macho is High-larious.

  3. Damn, when is Maître D's album coming out?