Tuesday, April 7, 2009


"Every now and then Shawty might rock gators."
- Shawty Lo, Dey Know

Every now and then I might rock some shorts but I don't ever say this to anyone because nobody cares.

Filed under: Not worth rapping about this


  1. I love a man in Gator boots and a pimped out Gucci suit!!

    I noticed this novel trend within hiphop...back in highschool the wanna be gangsta boys used to call me shawty..this was acceptable...but when did it become alright for men to refer to themselves as shawty...Brother please that immediately takes you from a 6 to a 2 and what does that say about the situation down thurrr....short eludes to small...perhaps..Thats my 2 cents which is really no sense at all.

    Miss wishing guys would stop changing their government names to Shawty and Lil'

  2. Talking about your shoes in the third person just ups the douchey-ness

  3. You should really just post that whole song. I mean, the first line is "Shawty Lo, I got flavors"


    (Really, that whole CD sounds like a feral child wandered into Atlanta and learned English from shitty rap albums.)


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