Thursday, April 9, 2009


"I got colonial bread."
- Young Jeezy, Trap Star
Excuse me?

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  1. Colonial bread from contemporary dough.

  2. no, it's clever. he means he's as wealthy as a colonist. like a plantation owner/imperial raper of the land, y'know?

  3. I agree with you above. I love how the losers running this blog don't connect with hip hop on more than a peripheral level. I strongly suggest sticking to soulja boy and p diddy lyrics they are more your level bloggers. Also you would think that "writers" would be more intuitive about the lyrics/text they are critical of. Hello-metaphors, similie, analogy

  4. Guess some white people just dont understand

  5. Read the first post. They understand the lyrics, they also understand that the lyrics can seem ridiculous if you take them at face value.

    Also there is a fine line between clever and stupid.

    I'd love to see some Lil' Wayne "Leanin' Low" lyrics on here.

  6. if his bread is from the colonial era, that's some old bread. i'd throw it away, jeezy. don't eat it. it's moldy.

  7. Anonymous 2-4, you people are fucking morons. You think they DON'T know what the lyric means? A dumb 13 year old could figure that out. They know. The fact that YOU don't KNOW they know makes YOU look stupid. So, congrats.

  8. people need to lighten up and laugh a bit...can anybody really take Young Jeezy seriously? I mean really..."standing at my podium trying to watch my sodium? sooo soo deep.

  9. Dear Irritated Chris (above),

    As the lyric was "Filed under: Doesn't particularly mean anything whatsoever" they explicitly did not have a clue or wanted to engage discussion into the ludicrousity or alternative logic of it all. BUT seriously thank you for clearing up what any 'dumb 13 year old would not have needed clarification on.

    So congratulations should really go to you.
    From one alleged "fucking moron" to another seemingly less classy one.

    PS. Prozak works wonders, maybe next time you could refrain from going apeshit on bloggers and discuss things in a more rational less pretentious manner.

    Happy Easter


    ^Colonial bread.