Thursday, April 16, 2009


"Up in Benihana, see me slangin' them chairs."
- T.I., Big Shit Poppin'

How non-gangster is it to hang out in chain restaurants and throw chairs around?

Filed under: Barred for life from Benihana restaurants


  1. Yep. Not even cool. WTF was he thinking? That looming prison term must have gotten to him

  2. i see my comment is gone now... but where's my credit??? i think i deserve some credit lol

  3. Aww yeeah. I had a food fight in Applebee's!

  4. I just called Power 106 and gave you a shoutout.

  5. pudenda shenanigansApril 16, 2009 at 2:51 PM

    Is slangin' his uneducated past-tense for slingin'? or is he saying he has pet names and fantasy scenarios for the Benihana chairs? Could be interesting, in a hip-hop-meets-fan-fiction kind of way.

    just askin'.

  6. I'm pretty sure you had the lyrics and interpretation right the first time and now it is wrong.

  7. How non gangster if Benihana tepan...really now...

  8. slangin means selling drugs usually

  9. This is referring to an incident at a Buckhead Benihana's (Atlanta for you posers) Where he got in a fight with Tiny (his baby mama) and threw a bunch of chairs. Hes making fun of himself for it here...

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