Monday, April 20, 2009


"I be so rebelulous."
- E-40, Ring It

No you don't. Because that's nothing.

Here are other things you're not...
1) Dimpy
2) Firbude
3) Shint

Here's something you are...

... Idiotic for saying that.

Filed under: Bad English teacher


  1. He goes on to rhyme that with "faultelluous." Which arguably doesn't mean anything, either, though I'd argue it's a clear contraction for faulty-chip cellular phone. I take a little bit of exception with E40 lyrics here because A. They're an easy target, and B. He goes full circle--his shit makes so little sense that it does become clear after a while. At least it's more creative than rapping "do-re-mi."

  2. This is the guy who seems to say "chalupa" in every song. Does anyone know what the fuck this guy is every talk about? I'm unashamed to admit that he's lost on me.

  3. Come on guys, give E a break. People say some weird shit when they get to be older. Like the other day when my grandmother was telling me about the frogcoffee she had with her chalupa at lunch...

  4. "Firbude" sounds like a harsh medieval insult

  5. E-40 is a linguistic genius. We're just mere mortals.

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