Thursday, April 23, 2009


"Running your mouth, before I shit all in it."
- Beanie Sigel, Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (Extended Remix) by Sheek Louch

It would undoubtedly be the hardest thing ever to shit in another man's mouth, unless this man was asleep, and he slept with his mouth open... in which case you would be a creepy, perverted dude trying to shit in another man's mouth while he sleeps..

Filed under: Worst slumber party host / Pervert


  1. Nice site! Considering how many dumb-ass lyrics there are floating around, you'll NEVER run out of material!!!

  2. format is a negative. i liked scrolling down between them, not clicking through...the comments sections by people like me SHOULD be a click, though. because that stuff kills the buzz. before it was just funny its funny (your comments) and then not funny for a while (our comments) and then we click the next link.

    my attention span isn't long enough for the format change. go back!

  3. We haven't changed the format at all. I think you're confused. It's still exactly the same.

  4. Oh yeah, I had to tell my readers about y'all!

  5. Yeah, no format changes here.

  6. I'm not running -my mouth- before you shit in it, I'm running -the fuck away-

  7. i think one of the tags on this quote should be "kinda gay" too. beanie sigel might actually like to shit in people's mouths, you know.

  8. Supposedly, actually happened.

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