Thursday, April 23, 2009


"Critics wonder will I last long, even though I showed my ass on my last song."
- Rick Ross, Cross That Line

Someone tell Rick Ross that it's not possible to show your ass on a song.

Filed under: Because it's a song

D'Elia: Yeah, also "showing your ass on a song" isn't a good counterpoint to critics wondering if you'll last long.


  1. Rick Ross shouldn't be showing his ass

  2. Yeah, this guy should hire a good PR firm. I don't think he knows proper marketing strategy if he hopes for longevity in his career.

  3. Anyone else imagining Rick pulling down his pants in the recording booth, thinking that his ass would somehow show up on the song?

    Producer: "Uh... Rick? Can you pull your pants up please?"
    RR: "Naw man, critics gonna wonder if i'll last long, so I'm gonna show my ass on this song"
    Producer: "I need a new job."

  4. Of all the ass in the world that should not be shown, Rick Ross' is in the Top 10.

  5. sounds like a REALLY advanced case of synesthesia.

    like TERMINAL.


  7. File under: Worst treatment for erectile dysfunction.