Monday, April 27, 2009


"Last time there's beef, had to bring it to your door."
- Noreaga, Bring It Here by Capone N Noreaga

This isn't something a rapper says. It's something a lazy beef salesman says.

Filed under: Lazy beef salesman


  1. Ok, I read this and thought "come ON guys, you are really reaching for material today" ... but the phrase "Lazy Beef Salesman" keeps making me laugh!

  2. hey Mr Fantastic....

    stop reaching :(

  3. No way. This is one of my favorite ones.

  4. If it keeps making you laugh, why are you complaining??

    Lazy beef salesman is hilarious, thus the blog is hilarious, because THAT is the joke. Duh.

  5. I think what the first guy meant is that it was his reaction to the quote, but by the end, he saw the hilarity.

    I must admit, as a fan and commenter since the beginning, which albeit has not been very long, that this was also my initial reaction. And that Lazy Beef Salesman is fucking hilarious.

  6. so would that be a lazy salesman of beef, or a salesman of lazy beef?

  7. In response to above comment: I don't think anyone really has trouble hunting for material for a site like this- rap/hip hop lyrics are ALL kind of dumb. You could probably close your eyes and pull them out of a hat.

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