Monday, April 27, 2009


"Are you into astrology? 'Cause umm... I'm trying to make it to Uranus."
- Kanye West, Gettin' It In by Jadakiss

This achieves multiple levels of stupidity. Here's how!
1) It's so immature and played out to make a "Uranus/Your Anus" joke.
2) Astrology would not help you get to Uranus at all.

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  1. I remember my first time hearing a Uranus/Your Anus joke and thinking, "This is stupid, and immature, and probably played out, even though this is my first exposure to this joke."

    That was in second grade.

  2. See also: Not helping dispel the gay rumours.

  3. You mean the gay fish rumors?

  4. I think this is what and who Jadakiss was referring to in all makes sense to me now.

  5. If he'd used the word Astronomy, it would have made him seem 2 percent less retarded. Just 2 percent tho.

  6. Ahahahaha, Leni, that is very true

    Gayyyyy fish!

  7. Uranus is pronounced like "yer in us" not "yer ayn us" anyway.

  8. but guys he's a lyrical genius, the voice of this generation.

  9. he's writing books now.

    uh oh.

  10. the voice of this generation? REALLY?

    i mean.. maybe, just maybe.. if the whole of this generation was completely ignorant and blatantly rude to everyone.

    seriously, claiming that he should've been in the bible, calling Bush racist and THEN, ruining a young singers FIRST award by saying someone who gets like seven awards every time she's at an award show should get it? i mean, if he'd waited about an hour, he would've gotten his beyonce fix.

    p.s. beyonce's videos are all the same.. once you've seen someone dancing in a 'barely there' outfit with a couple backup dancers once.. i think you've seen them all..

    thanks :]