Tuesday, April 28, 2009


"I'm grinnin' so hard it look like it's a picnic."
- Gucci Mane, I Move Chickens

Here's another comparison that doesn't work one bit. Tried to work this out but all I could think of was the following things about picnics:

1. They don't have teeth.
2. They aren't necessarily all white.
3. They aren't people so they don't smile.

Maybe he's just talking about how much food he has stuck in his teeth. Then I realized you should never talk about this / rap about this becasue it's gross and disgusting.

Filed under: Worst comparison ever / Disgusting


  1. He... has... a bart... simpson... medallion...


  2. yeah that's gucci mane for ya... none of his similes/metaphors make sense.

  3. Note that the song is called "I Move Chickens". I'm surprised nothing was said about this.

  4. Chicken Tetris made me laugh out loud.

  5. Face it, Gucci Mane is the Tracy Morgan of hip hop.

  6. Research picnics and slavery, it actually makes sense.
    Not that I ever wanted to back up anything Gucci Mane... God.... Gucci Mane... I can't even finish my sentence.

  7. I think it's because he has grills. You know, if he grins you can see his grills...and they have grills at picnics. For grilling.

    I know, that was the hardest I ever want to think about it too.

  8. the picnic-slavery connection is an urban legend, btw. The term comes from the 17th century French word piqcue-nique which refers to a potluck type of entertainment in which all participants bring a spot of food to share.

  9. he actually says "I'm grilllin so hard, it look like its a picnic"

  10. as in a "mean mug"

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