Friday, May 1, 2009


"I keep it O.G. watching episodes of O.C."
- Murs, Brand New by Living Legends

This is O.G. I guess if being O.G. is being 12 and having a vagina.

Filed under: So not gangster it's unbelievable / Preteen


  1. THE OC!!!!!!!!!!! OH

  2. I believe you have missed Nick Carter's point here: he is attempting to express that he is such an "original gangsta" that he can watch episodes of the O.C. and still remain a truly rough-and-tumble individual.

  3. yeah yo you totally missed the point; the person above me is right. you're a fool. learn something about rap. dumbass.

  4. Erroneous on all counts. Learn something about humor. Do you think the creators of (good) parodies don't love and understand the genres that they are parodying?

  5. I won't stand for Anonymous comments. Neither of your points are smart or correct. Put your name on your shit-talk.

    Nice try, though.

  6. I just can't believe how many dumb ass people on here don't get it...I used to have some faith left but you people are complete idiots, these guys are funny, one of them is a even a stand up comedian...I'm pretty sure they get every single one of these

  7. I posted the goofy anonymous comment about missing Mr. Carter's point--i was just playing, the whole point of the comment was poking fun at the people who don't get it. guess i didn't lay it on thick enough to make it seem like a joke! nothing but respect for snacks and shit!

  8. Anon: stfu!

    Btw: OG = original girl...

    Murs: Back when I was a little girl I used to watch...

    Everyone else in the room exits stage right...

  9. File under: gay ass shit.

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