Friday, May 1, 2009


"It's Bun B, The Nigga, Mr. Swisher, and Mr. Flows, Mr. Brick, Mr. Killer Gram, nigga Mr. 'Bows, Mr. Slab, Mr. Candy Paint, nigga Mr. Dough, and Mr. Eighty-Fo."
- Bun B, Forgot About Me by Scarface

I mean, eleven names...

Okay, so even though THESE ARE SOME OF THE WORST NAMES EVER, still... leave some for other people, Mr. Selfish.

Oh, and maybe the song is called "Forgot About Me" because it's too hard to remember what the fuck to call you.

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  1. Mr. Candy Paint is a moniker that will likely neither make the panties drop nor his foes quail in trepidation.

  2. Filed under: Tourette's Syndrome

  3. anybody with this many names clearly needs to take a sabbatical or something to find out who the fuck he really is

  4. Mr. Candy Paint is an awesome, hilarious nickname.

  5. lol @ mr selfish

  6. There needs to be eleven verses proceeding in explanation.

  7. Swisher...Flows...Brick...Slab...Dough
    Someone really had to poo in the studio.