Saturday, May 9, 2009


'Y'all niggas eat pussy and burp."
- Canibus, Poet Laureate

On behalf of everyone who just read this or have heard this before: "Ew, that's gross. Please stop rapping."

Filed under: Lost my appetite for a while


  1. you are the worst fucking writers on the internet, please refrain from breathing

  2. someone is gay for Canibus

  3. "Please refrain from breathing".

    What are you a king? Jesus Christ. Hahahahaha. You are SUCH A DORK.

    Filed under: Small dick with big balls that make your small dick even look smaller.

  4. Eww. Why would someone even think that, let alone rap it?

  5. as a woman, i am all for the promotion of eating pussy...

  6. In response to above comment: sure...but not the burping part....

    he makes it sound like a race. who can eat out and burp the fastest.

    Filed under: unnecessary

  7. I find it funny how easy it is to spot the fanboys for some of these rappers. They'll bash the "haters", but don't expect them to explain why the line makes sense or why it's a good line.

  8. "If you are what you eat, it's obvious I can't eat what I'm worth
    Yall niggas eat pussy and burp
    The other half of yall suck dick till your jaws and ya neck hurt"

  9. I slang in my white tee
    I bang in my white tee
    But I sho' as hell get no poon tang in my white tee

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