Tuesday, May 12, 2009


"Best in the nation on this Playstation."
- Ice Cube, Gotta Be Insanity

You're a grown man, remember. I'm surprised he didn't say "Na na-na na na na" after this because that's usually what comes after a sentence like this.

Besides that, this just isn't true.


  1. Congratulations, Cube. You beat out that fat, sweaty 13-old kid with the glasses for "Best Playstation Player in the Nation." SO gangster.

  2. i think you have to be japanese or some other kind of asian to be "best playstation player in the nation." cube's not even close to that.

  3. He says "this Playstation," so he probably means his own Playstation. Since that limits the number of people who have played on it, it might be possible for him to claim that he's the best in the nation on it in particular.

    And plenty of adults play video games, dammit.