Tuesday, May 12, 2009


"I won't let you let him tell them that Bumpy ain't spittin' that hardcore phlegm."
- Bumpy Knucles, Poetry

This is so roundabout that it's just plain weird. Like, how about instead of this... you just make sure that the person who's thinking about saying how you "ain't spitting that hardcore phlegm" doesn't say it.

There's no reason to involve four or more people here.

Filed under: So roundabout / not necessary


  1. I so look forward to the Bumpy Knuckles posts.

  2. lmao... i never listened to bumpy knuckles, but between this lyric and #190, he comes off *EXTREMELY* confusin

  3. Hilarious. Filed under "not necessary" is so funny.

  4. and can we talk about his phlegm being hardcore? because mine is just gross - and an indicator of congestion.

  5. don't let him tell them tell her tell my mom tell me tell them tell me that i've officially forgot what they're supposed to tell

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