Thursday, May 14, 2009


"Get off my brand new dick."
- Kanye West, Brand New

Uh, it's a dick, not a carpet.

Furthermore, you can't have a dick that you just acquired unless of course... it belonged to someone else first. Which is well... gay.

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  1. heyyyyy... i gave you guys this one!!! but yeah, it was kanye who said it. not rhymefest... kanye was on the song with him though... but yeah you're welcome lol

  2. i just want to say that kanye looks like a total douche in this picture.

  3. yeah... kanye look like on some bill cosby, "thumbs up for jello pudding" shits

  4. Well, if it's brand new, it's straight from the factory, right? So no one else really owned it... although someone else manufactured it.

    Come on, as if some of you WOULDN'T trade your existing package.

  5. You're fucking ignorant. Its not hard to see that this line is just to flow well with the song. You're over analyzing something for comedy and its not that funny. This is a weak ass post. Step it up.

  6. Over analyzing is what makes it funny, bud.

    Thanks for reading.

    See ya.

  7. There's this guy I know who sells stuff on Second Avenue on the way to St. Mark's Place. He said he found a really nice penis and asked me if I was interested.

    I said I'd pay up to 25 bucks for it, assuming it was clean. He said he'd sell it for 22 bucks. He also said he had a good deal on a broken toaster oven (I need parts for mine).

    I asked him not to sell it to anyone, but he said he couldn't make any promises. I hope no one gets there before I do...

  8. get off my brand new dick!
    and start sucking on my carpet!

  9. Oh man, you totally one-uped Kanye by calling him a GAY! Fancy that, calling a rapper who speaks out against homophobia gay! I don't think I've ever seen that before!

  10. I did not realize he used to be a woman. They did a bang-up job on that operation, but I am guessing she was already working on the goatee (at least a pretty good start on a moustache) before the procedure.

  11. Actually, this makes sense. He could've gotten one of those penile implants to make it bigger.