Sunday, May 24, 2009


"You could tell me about your day, I'll pretend I listen. And you ain't gotta love me, just be convincing."
- Clipse, Dirty Money

Yeah, so this relationship is just so headed south.

Filed under: Not gonna work out


  1. yeah lol i always thought this verse made him sound really desperate

  2. Clipse is just being real about it... this is how most relationships end up anyways.

  3. So basically the point of this blog is: you quote a joke that a rapper made, but pretend you don't know it was a joke. Then you retell their joke, but in a less funny way.

    And then whenever anyone calls you on it, you just tell them "you just don't get the joke" and then say "see ya."

    Great plan! I'm sure your book deal is around the corner.

  4. Nope that's not the point. The point is rap lyrics are funny out of context when read. But thanks for trying to understand something very easy to understand for someone with a sense of humor and a working brain. ;).

    Oh, and we already have people interested in the book.

    Thanks for checking out the site, bud.

    See ya.

    Chris D'Elia.

  5. Just know that your blog IS hilarious. People just have nothing better to do than hate.

  6. A Book! yes, definately interested!

  7. So basically, Chris, you just did the same thing that he said you do whenever anyone confronts you.

    And there are a couple funny ones- others suck.

    A blind squirrel will find a nut once in a while. You have over 400 of these- of course a COUPLE will be funny.

    Basically, you say the same thing after every post.

  8. Yeah just sayin, did it occur to you that this verse is meant to be interpreted EXACTLY as it's written out? There's nothing funny about it; that's just the way it's meant to be. It's like if someone rapped about a car, then you said "lol he rapped about a car". Thanks for letting us know.

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