Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"You better act like you know man, in my hood they call me 'Jeezy Da Snowman'. You get it? Get it? 'Jeezy da Snowman'."
- Young Jeezy, So Icy

Uh, YEAH, we get it. It's not gangster to share the same nickname with Frosty.

Filed under: Worst nickname ever

D'Elia: It's so insecure to say "Get it" TWICE after you say something. And being insecure is so not gangster either.


  1. lmao you guys are great...he's so insecure

  2. Jezzy Da Snowman Was a doubtful, unsure soul,
    He was smitten and cold and was made of....snow?
    shoot son. this is bad.

  3. these older posts are terrible.

    First off, you cut the line off early. He continues and saysis "cuz i'm iced out, plus I got snow, man."

    He is talking about how he has lots of jewlery and deals lots of coke aka blow aka snow. It's actually pretty clever.

    I guess you can still make the insecurity joke, but in terms of making fun of the nickname snowman, you're an idiot.

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