Monday, June 1, 2009


"I put it right there. They be like, 'Luda!' I be like, 'Yeah?'"
- Ludacris, Buck In Here

Ludacris and his friends sitting around the poker table...

Ludacris: Hey you guys remember that time I put it right there?
Some Other Guy: Umm... I don't know. Why?
Ludacris: No, I'm saying then after that everyone was like 'Luda'? and then I was like, 'Yeah'?
Another Guy: Yeah, I guess I remember that.
(Long pause)
Another Guy: ...So?
Ludacris: Oh, yeah I was just saying... that was crazy, right? Heh, heh.
A Different Guy: Luda, it's still your turn. Are you folding or what?

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  3. i love this blog but this one just didnt work

  4. This is much elaborated. Maybe you didnt get the point.

    Filled Under: Not funny

  5. I dunno why no one liked this joke. I thought it was pretty funny and it's at least 1000x better than the funniest thing Chris Macho ever wrote

  6. Oh god.. you guys are funny, great writing..
    I spent the last hour skimming through..

    The Guardian gave you a mention in they're blogroll section today, so glad I checked you out.

  7. Yeah I figure with the Guardian endorsement you'll have up to 200,000 new poncy idiots who hate rap! SATIRE

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