Friday, June 5, 2009


"I better be the only man stickin it, lickin' it like an envelope, mailin it, sealin' it. Read it."
- Lil Wayne, Pussy Money Weed

Okay, I get the "stickin' it" and "lickin' it" analogy. But mailing a pussy and having it go through the US Postal Service and then having someone read it? I mean, I don't even think that's sexual anymore.

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  1. Filed under: Well running dry, This blog's formula is on life support, Possibly time to pull the plug

  2. It's probably not time to pull the plug because our numbers keep growing every day and we're looking at book deals.

    But that's for being one of those hits.


    See ya.

  3. he's talking about drugs

  4. Also you seal somethin before you mail it

  5. He's jus still going with tha analogy of lickin it like an envelope... he's obviously lickin pussy though

  6. hes not talking about drugs...has anyone actually heard that song? its a love song hes sayin read it the next line is i have written down victorias secret dont tell nobody