Saturday, June 6, 2009


"I'm Toucan Sam."
- Gucci Mane, Guitar Freestyle

Under no circumstances is there any acceptable reason for a man to say this unless it is Halloween.

If you do, you are insane.

Filed under: Fuckin' so crazy


  1. internetthuggin101June 6, 2009 at 2:02 PM

    after the last couple of Gucci Mane posts, I think it's pretty safe to file him under "insane"

    and I swear the more i hear him the more i think gucci mane deserves his own 'snacksandshit' type of website... some one get to it

  2. Also either he can't spell, or you can't spell. (toucan)

  3. Look at his chain... I mean

    So childish

  4. the look on his face is so playground... it says "nuh-uh"

  5. I don't know about anywhere else, but here in Australia, "Toucan Sam" is something you call someone who can't handle their drink. You know, as in, two can Sam.

  6. He looks like he's going to a funeral on a boat. Get that all black sailor shit outta here. That Odie chain is straight thuggish though.

  7. If you think that awesome Odie chain is "so childish", you are very uptight and I would guess you are not very fun to be around.

  8. A 'Toucan Sam' is someone who gets drunk off a small amount of booze.

    Toucan = two can.

    So he gets drunk off two cans of beer or whiskey or whatever.

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