Monday, June 22, 2009


"Money is my morals. Other than that, I'm soulless."
- Clipse, Ego

Let's get one thing straight, "money" is not "having morals". In fact if you're trying to express how moral you are and money is the first thing you bring up, you're a moron. That's kind of the opposite thing a "moral" person would do.

Rapping these lyrics is basically like saying, "I can't stand sex. Other than that, I fuck all the time."

So when saying "other than that" you actually need to say something... well... other than what you just said.

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  1. ...does his hat say 'Ice Cream'?

    What a douche.

  2. Oh, and Chris: usually you nail these, so I'll give you a pass this time. But these are actually some great bars.

    The thrust of the punchline is precisely that Pusha-T has no morals; he's using the conceit of inversion to heighten the unexpected nature of his lack of ethical behavior.

    This is actually a pretty philosophically valid point: he's saying that he pursues a money-based utilitarian ethical calculus, disregarding the well-being of others in favor of financial gain. Cold.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Jesus Christ."The conceit of inversion." Holy shit.

    Dear makers of snacks and shit: can there please be a snacks and and then a snacks-and-shit-assert-your-intelligence-and-penchant- for-all-things-not for people who don't get it and who make me feel sad in my heart?

  4. They're usually right; in this case, they're just off-base. it's one thing to laugh at some dumbass lyrics. But this shit is actually dope

  5. Is it? Is it Grandmaster?

    A) How do YOU know what his meaning was when he wrote this?

    And B) Snacksandshit are pointing out the humor in lyrics by taking them literally and at face value because THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT FUNNY. If they first filtered everything through questions such as: 'Now what did this rapper REALLY mean?' and 'What could be the deeper psychological message behind this?' THEN NO ONE WOULD BE LAUGHING AND THAT'S THE OBJECTIVE OF THIS PARTICULAR SITE.

  6. Filed under: Getting the joke

  7. It is very impressive that Pusha-T pursues a "money-based utilitarian ethical calculus disregarding the well-being of others in favor of financial gain".....I've never heard a rapper advocate such a pro-money, anti-everything that isn't money moral paradigm. Fascinating.

  8. How embarrassing. OMG! You relate the lyric to saying "I can't stand sex, I have sex all the time" when in fact it would be more like saying "I have sex, I have sex."

    That's the problem with blogging, now it's on the Internet forever for everyone to see how awesomely fubar you are and therefore, how totally cool these rap gangster ice cream salesmen are.

    Best of luck in 2010, you'll need it to make up for this giant whammy of a boner!

  9. Fubar!!!!!!!!!!

    Buck Thomson and the Grandmaster guy: "Hey, is this where you comment if you're a dick?"
    Everyone else: "Yeah."
    Buck Thomson and the Grandmaster guy: "PHEW. Just making sure."

  10. "this giant whammy of a boner" !!!!!!! Holy shit, I can't stop laughing...

  11. I think of this line like I think of the girls who went to my same-sex university. It was like, "Generally speaking, I prefer sex with people who have vaginas, other than that, I'm totally straight."

    That's awesome. You can be not-gay while screwing people of your own sex. You can be not-immoral while people completely focused on money over people. It's a really horribly phrased way actually say, "I'm a dyke," or, "I'm a dick," but whatever. You can be ridiculous if you want.

  12. Where did Grandmaster get the idea that these guys are trying to be "right"? Isn't the whole premise is that they're being obtuse on purpose? Not much of a premise, admittedly, but it is what it is..

  13. Grandmaster is a rap whore, obviously.

    Apologies that I don't know all the unimportant, stereotypical, sheeple made rap based clothes brands. Obviously my life is incomplete.

    Also, point of this site is to POINT AND LARF, not try and justify idiot rap artists to us. You're on the wrong site!

  14. "In its first, descriptave usage, morality means a code of conduct or belief which is held to be authorative in matters of right and wrong."

    So yeah, this guy is a moron. Objects != beliefs.

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